Forrester Names Clarity Insights a Leader in Customer Analytics

The Forrester Customer Analytics Service Provider Wave™ Q3 2017



"Clarity Insights Excels at Insights Implementation"

The Forrester Customer Analytics Wave™ Q3 2017



"Clarity Insights Combines Deep Analytic Acumen and Vertical Expertise..."

The Forrester Customer Analytics Wave™ Q3 2017



Business challenges we help solve


Marketing Effectiveness

Optimize your marketing mix and maximize your ROI. Build a 360º customer view for precise segmentation and a better customer experience.


Modernizing Data Architecture

Implementing a modern data architecture can enhance a company's anaytical capabilities, lower costs and speed time to insight.

Improving Your Customer 's Journey 

Integrate your data to get a single view of the customer, then use it to acquire and retain customers, as well as improving the customer experience along the way.  

Fraud prevention and Risk Management

Visualize data in real time to spot patterns and detect anomalies. Use predictive models and AI to forecast and mitigate risk.

Internet of Things


Act on IoT data in real time. Spot trends in customer behavior and send proactive notifications. Monitor and analyze machinery to prevent failure and minimize downtime.



Implement a smart, business-oriented approach to data that’s specific to your organization’s needs, goals and growth to trim costs and boost profits.

Regulatory Compliance

Manage your master data—from collection and transmission to storage—to ensure regulatory compliance.

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We Get Down and Dirty With Your Business 

We start any project by understanding our client’s business strategy, then establish how data can make it a success. That way, we are always focused on what the business can achieve, not just on what the data can tell us.

Time to Shock the System

57% of CAOs say that their biggest challenge is overcoming cultural barriers. That is why Clarity doesn’t just give you insights, we help you embed them in your processes, and use change management to help create a more data driven culture.

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Do You Love Big Data or Data Science?

Big data, machine-learning, sensors, social: we handle the biggest data projects for the biggest brands. If you want to build algorithms and test new lines of code when surrounded by the best talent in data and analytics today, you should speak with Clarity Insights.

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Clarity Insights Parters with Informatica on Big Data
Amazon web services APN Standard Consulting Partner
Clarity Insights Parters with Hortonworks on Big Data
cloudera partners with clarity insights
tableau partner
microsoft silver partner
SAP silver partner
talend platinum partner
Google Cloud Partner platform
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