Modern Data Architecture

It's Not Just What You Build, It's How You Build it

Your Old Data Architecture Can Be a Barrier To Change 

Companies have more data than ever, as well as more ways, tools and techniques at their disposal to use data to gain a competitive advantage. However, too many companies cannot seize this opportunity because their data infrastructure and  analytical capabilities are holding them back it gives them.

Clarity Insights has helped numerous Fortune 1000 clients across multiple industries to succeed in building modern data architectures that can drive their businesses forward.


What is a Modern Data Architecture

A modern data architecture can use many different technologies but is characterized by a few key elements:

  • A data lake to unit data silos and hold a variety of data types
  • A data integration layer
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics sandbox and tools to enable predictive analysis that can proactively leverage data to improve decision making
  • A cloud platform that can make the solution scalable and cost efficient (while not strictly necessary, this does offer many advantages)


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It's Not Just What You Build, It's How You Build It 

Modernizing your data architecture is not a small matter. Many companies have started this journey of building a data lake to consolidate all enterprise wide data and doing all transformations within but failed miserably because of complexity. Some challenges include:

  • Not doing due diligence to understand the components and cost of the entire effort (technology, ETL, reporting, etc.)
  • Not having the proper architecture and framework to leverage the right technologies needed to accomplish business goals
  • Planning for varieties of data (structured & unstructured, public, syndicated, social, etc.) in batch and real-time  
  • Leveraging the right engine for data transformation and analytics
  • Understanding total cost of ownership for people, process and technology

Clarity Insights has shown that process matters as much, if not more, than technology.   

Our Approach

services benefits our approach
Understand/confirm the scope of the data and analytics systems, application, technologies and infrastructure
Work with the business to identify and prioritize current pain points, needed future capabilities and analytics use cases
Prioritize and create a roadmap based on business need managing risk and return
Understand options and best applicable technologies and architecture for modernizing the data infrastructure
Determine timeframe and cost for data infrastructure modernization

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