451 Report Highlights Clarity's Expertise in Real-Time Analytics


How to shorten your "time-to-insight" 

With more and more firms having access to advanced analytics, the amount of time a company has to turn insights into profit is dwindling. Real-time analytics help solve this problem, turning data into insight quickly.  

In this independent report, 451 Research's Dr Katy Ring will discuss how companies are profiting from real-time analytics, using examples from the healthcare, manufacturing and energy industries. 

According to Dr. Ring: 

"Clarity Solution Group is a pure-play big data consultancy with the skills and experience in real-time analytics to help customers get actionable business results"


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Data Science

Our expertise in advanced data science, along with our proven ability to turn insights into revenue, allow us to craft specific solutions to address the unique challenges that your business faces. We leverage innovative techniques such as AI modeling, machine learning, robust scenario planning, and predictive modeling to understand your needs, identify risks and opportunities, and recommend actions and potential outcomes.

Business Optimization


We implement solutions optimized for your business needs and constraints that reduce cost or increase efficiency. Examples include supply chain/distribution optimization, process improvement for manufacturing or production, and continuous optimization of manufacturing processes.

Models and Analytics


We create data models and analytics that support customer retention, multi-channel customer acquisition and multi-channel marketing performance measurement (allocation and market mix optimization).

Automation Through Machine Learning

We leverage machine learning and AI to automate labor-intensive, repetitive and error-prone processes.


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