Analytic Efforts Drive Restaurant Chain Revenue

Improved targeted marketing ensuring the right offers are getting to the right people


Can we use real time analytics to cross-sell/upsell to customers? How?

This large restaurant chain wanted to determine if predictive analytics could be used in real-time to deliver cross-sell/upsell suggestions to customers in order to drive greater profitability per transaction.



Predictive analytics based on transactions


Using a specific set of restaurants for testing purposes, Clarity built a series of predictive models that determine the best cross-sell/upsell offer to deliver based upon other items purchased within the same transaction.  The ‘best’ offer is based on a combination of most profitable and most likely to be accepted.


Cross-sell/upsell results that inspire a countrywide rollout


The resulting model takes into account time of day, day of week, and in-store vs. drive-thru.  Based upon actual field tests, customer acceptance of cross-sell/upsell suggestions improved substantially (for certain time of day/day of week/in-store vs. drive-thru scenarios).  These results are now the basis for approval of a business case for a countrywide rollout.

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