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Clarity CTO on Cloud Service Providers: theCUBE interview

Posted by Danielle Hilson | Jun 12, 2017 6:15:00 AM

*Image taken from video originally posted by theCUBE on YouTube

Tripp Smith, CTO of Clarity Insights, recently interviewed with Jeff Frick and George Gilbert, co-hosts of theCUBE, at the Data Platforms 2017 conference in Phoenix, AZ. Tripp weighed in on data in the cloud and other hot topics from the conference:

“‘Many are realizing there is little to fear and much to gain from outsourcing data to cloud service providers’, according to Tripp Smith (pictured).”tripp-smith-200-new.jpg

“‘If you had money, you wouldn’t put it in your safe at home; you would put it in a bank,’ Smith said, paraphrasing a speaker on cloud security at a session he attended during the Data Platforms event in Litchfield Park, Arizona.”

“‘If companies allow cloud service providers to take some tasks out of their hands, they will find they are freer to work on innovating, serving customers and driving profits’, Smith explained. ‘Outsourcing tasks higher up the labor chain might yield bigger rewards if they are careful to choose a provider that knows what it’s doing’, he added.”

Read more from Tripp’s interview on and watch the interview on YouTube.

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Topics: Big Data, Analytics, Cloud

Written by Danielle Hilson

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