By Katie Mowery,
Director, Content Strategy at Clarity Insights

We’ve reached the new decade and that means you’re either busy wrapping up outstanding 2019 items and Q4 closeouts, jumping headfirst into 2020 plans or… taking a much-deserved break for the holidays and getting away from the grind (most likely both, depending on when you’re reading this). Regardless of which end of the spectrum your current status falls, it’s a time where reflection benefits leaders who seek to be bold and to apply learnings from the prior year so that the year ahead can benefit from the clarity that introspection provides. 

Sharing experiences and shared expertise is what makes consulting such a rewarding field; offering up knowledge and allowing for concentrated, concerted efforts to bring about change with purpose. A quote recently shared with me by Roger Martin from The Opposable Mind sums it up well: “Reflection, which defeats the tendency to take the obvious for granted, is what gives experience value.” My wish for you is to enter into a new year — and decade — with all of the advantages of what has come before. 

With that in mind, here’s a compilation of recent trends and future predictions to skim… whether fireside with a mug of coffee or at your desk ready take on the next decade.

  1. Prepare for ambient data governance. A term coined in 2019, the idea that data governance is becoming increasingly integral to all aspects of business operations is one that will have concrete implications in 2020. Read more here.  
  2. RevOps, neural interfaces, 5G and more. Inc.’s “25 Tech Predictions for 2020” is a quick read despite the sheer volume of predictions, and a fan favorite to look back on to test if the predictions pan out in the coming year. 
  3. 2020 predictions that didn’t pan out. Speaking of testing predictions, this cheeky Bloomberg article shows that forecasting trends isn’t as easy or crystal clear as some make it seem. The hyped 2020 trends that weren’t is an astute reminder that while we can prepare for what we can predict, so too must we be agile to adjust our sails when things inevitably don’t go according to plan. 
  4. Fortune favors the bold. Despite the chance that a prediction is cast and misses the mark, nevertheless putting a stake in the ground helps create expectations against a solid basis and set goals that are ambitious and as firmly rooted in reality as possible. In the world of consumer tech, this fast read by Mashable makes bold claims in the name of 2020 fanfare. 
  5. Embrace continuous intelligence — or get left behind. Real-time insights isn’t new, but it’s being incorporated into bigger, broader applications than it once was: no longer just an individual mobile app or standalone alert function, demands for real-time access to analytics and BI is becoming the norm. Continuous intelligence is a way to strategize and plan to meet this need. Read more here and here.
  6. Where the money goes… Balance bold, consumer-focused predictions with a healthy dose of realism. Real Money’s “20 Realistic Tech Predictions for 2020” is a manifesto in two parts: well-researched, thorough and focused on investments (where a lot in fact can and does happen in the span of one year). Set aside some time to read part one here and part two here
  7. Connected clouds, Chief Trust Officer, Edge becomes central. IDC doesn’t disappoint with its round-up of 2020 predictions released earlier this fall. If you haven’t yet taken a moment to dive into them, now’s your chance. Take a look at this summary to get started.
  8. Taking healthcare tech trends to heart. From AI innovation for improvements in executing value-based care to greater consensus in interoperability standards with FHIR 4, 2020 is a continuation in the slow but steady developments for healthcare modernization. Take a look at this article that summarizes what to expect, as reported from the Med-Tech Innovation Expo.
  9. Modernize or bust. Though not the sexiest of predictions topics, data warehouse modernization is an important foundational to-do for 2020 and beyond. The Data Warehouse as a Service market continues to grow as cloud adoption increases, bringing with it the competitive advantage of high data quality and data integrity, as well as a concentration of efforts for data privacy and security to avoid chaos and welcome improved governance in a new decade abundant with data — and opportunity within it. 
  10. Data-centric organizations will win…and continue to emerge as new players. Whether already on your radar as “companies to beat” and gold-star standards to emulate or yet-to-be-discovered new enterprises being built, data-centricity will stir new models for success and engage employees in ways that are being demanded in a flexible-first working world. Less a prediction and more a rallying cry, this last point is one to underscore as a way to infuse energy and motivate leaders like you going into 2020. Read on.

Wishing you and yours a successful 2020 and beyond. Together, let’s make 2020 vision a reality. 

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