Collecting the Right Data to Personalize Customer Journeys

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This is the era of personalization, from your coffee order to your Spotify playlist. Yesterday’s marketing miracle is now a foregone conclusion: consumers expect personalization across the customer journey. From relevant content, to suggestions they'll like, to the right solution for their individual needs, businesses are investing in personalization without any sign of slowing down.You may already be working to deliver personalized content based on customer profiles, job titles or email lists. But in order to truly deliver personalized customer journeys, you need to be gathering the right data.

Modern marketing stacks are enabling nearly everyone--from large corporations to medium-sized businesses--to use customer data analytics to their advantage. But what kind of data lends itself to a better customer journey?

Figuring out what you need

Appboy’s Relate blog outlines a great way to figure out the minimum data businesses need to collect. Their three-step process is simple:

  1. Start by defining what it is you want your customer to do, whether that’s make a purchase, download an app, sign up for an email list or any other action that serves a business goal.

  2. Next, walk backward from that goal and imagine each intermediate step in that process.

  3. Then, determine what you need to know about each step of that process to be able to track it. If your goal is to drive email signups, then at minimum you would need to track what traffic sources brought people to your landing page, and how many of those people filled out the form. The email signup form could then provide further data.

This process is the basis for understanding your customer journey and the data points you’ll need to access. But you still need to take it further.

Integrating other customer data sources

There’s a wealth of customer data to be collected inside your organization that will fill in the picture of your customer. To personalize their journey, consider demographic data, psychographic information, purchase history and more.

To learn more about data sources that may be hiding in plain sight, and to see how other businesses are personalizing the customer journey, download our new white paper, Personalized Customer Journeys: How to Collect Data That Lets You Really Connect.


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