Domestic Sourcing: Why Clarity is 100% Onshore

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Outsourcing’s American counterpart--domestic sourcing--is in the news. After years of hiring offshore workers to augment staff and cut labor costs, businesses are recognizing onshore talent is worth the investment.

There are a variety of reasons domestic sourcing is gaining popularity, including the recent election highlighting the need for more US jobs. But the two main reasons are cost and quality. According to a recent New York Times article highlighting the boom in domestic sourcing, 10 years ago the average offshore software developer cost five to seven times less than their American counterpart. Today the American earns only twice as much, as rates in South Asia have risen.
This change may make hiring American consultants and workers more financially appealing, but ultimately the quality of work possible makes the biggest difference. Many companies today struggle to maintain productivity and teamwork with contractors who are on other continents and in completely opposite time zones. With the collaborative nature of data and analytics, specifically, this is often near impossible. The simplicity of hiring onshore, from common language and culture to similar time zones, allows companies to focus on actual work.
The collaborative nature of work is a product of the digitization of the economy as our products and industries are mediated by technology and software, as discussed on WBUR’s On Point podcast. From data strategy and management in IT, to data visualization, customer experience and personalization in retail and media, no industry is untouched. These changes require experts who can translate business needs into technical solutions.

Clarity is the nation’s largest 100% onshore consultancy focused on data and analytics, and that’s not by accident. We know that working side-by-side, collaboratively with our clients produces the best results. It’s not easy to transfer knowledge via email or discuss solutions in 12 hour intervals. But in person? You bet. If you’re working with offshore consultants--or an American consulting firm contracting work out--make the switch to onshore. We know you’ll see the difference!

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