By Robert Fuller,
Managing Partner, Healthcare at Clarity Insights. Bob is a passionate leader and business-driven technologist who leverages a collaborative approach to deliver deep insights and measurable results. Bob has provided business and technology consulting services for 30+ years to Fortune 500, middle market and start-up companies spanning many industries, including Healthcare, CPG, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Automotive. Bob has led global teams of more than 250 consultants delivering business-driven analytic solutions with significant financial results. For the past 15 years, Bob has focused on solving complex healthcare challenges by delivering data and analytics solutions.

Healthcare Partner Bob Fuller and Healthcare Chief Technology Officer Ramu Kalvakuntla make a compelling argument for modern data architectures for healthcare organizations. Not sure what those are? They explain that, too, on the AHIMA Data Revolution blog.


Healthcare organizations manage and analyze patient and member data today in volumes that even ten years ago would have been unimaginable—and will only increase. Wearable tech data, such as from Fitbits and Apple watches, coupled with patient-generated data from apps are primed for integration. And with the desire for interoperability only growing, organizations can anticipate the impending need to process not only their own data, but clinical data as well.


How a Modern Data Architecture will Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

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But the architectures in place today are often not sufficient for our changing needs. Systems need to not only process data, but facilitate analysis as well so healthcare organizations can gather insights and make changes to improve patient and member outcomes, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. This is a tall order for most legacy systems. Read the rest of the post at the AHIMA blog.

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