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Health Innovation Framework - Ideation. Incubation. Industrialization

Posted by Teresa Letlow | Nov 9, 2017 2:37:12 PM


Clarity Insight’s Health Innovation Framework has been formalized across years of client experiences and is applied both externally with Clarity clients and on internal Clarity initiatives within our Health Innovation Cloud. By embracing an agile methodology, clients are able to identify and prioritize ideas, test ideas, fail or achieve success in weeks to days, and take successes to market quickly. This reduces the risk associated with projects, providing the flexibility to start small and prove ROI before implementing across the organization.

Clarity’s latest white paper, written by Max Schlather, Health Innovation Lead, details each step of this engagement framework, which is an initial step to becoming an analytics-driven organization. Click here to download the white paper today!

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Topics: Healthcare, Advanced Analytics, agile

Written by Teresa Letlow

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