Interoperability Is the Key to Lower Healthcare Costs and Better Patient Outcomes. But How Do We Get There?

Posted by Robert Fuller | Aug 20, 2018 6:00:00 AM


Lack of interoperability has been a roadblock to innovation. Changing that will elevate the future of healthcare.

Robert "Bob" Fuller's recent article published in Healthcare Analytics News online describes the impacts to healthcare from lagging behind other industries. As the Managing Partner for Clarity's Healthcare practice, Bob gives a practical view of interoperability as it applies to the industry, as well as the importance of adoption for innovation and better health management for increased ROI. 

As Bob states in the article, "When health providers and payers can integrate clinical data with claims data, there are multiple implications: Not only will we be able to reduce costs and inefficiencies and increase payment processing speed, more important, we can better diagnose and treat patients, identify health trends and affect population health over time."

Read the full article at Healthcare Analytics News online.


Written by Robert Fuller

Partner, Healthcare. With over 30 years of consulting experience focused on helping clients solve complex business challenges by delivering data and analytics solutions that transform the way they think about, organize and leverage their data.

Topics: clinical data integration, interoperability, Healthcare, patient data, FHIR

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