By Caitlin Willich,
Associate Partner, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Clarity Insights. Caitlin has 11+ years of professional management experience with an emphasis on serving Media and Entertainment companies. Caitlin focuses on providing strategic advisory, subject matter expertise, and coaching around full-lifecycle methods and processes. She also advises on process improvements including change management, data visualization, information delivery, organization/team structure, and helps drive alignment across key stakeholder groups and constituents.

Caitlin Willich knows a thing or two about self-service analytics, having helped Fortune 500 clients across the nation implement successful projects. In this piece featured in Information Management, she shares the keys to success.


As data—and its applications—grows exponentially, the appeal of self-service analytics can grow with it.

Coursing through your business’ veins like life blood, data holds answers to a myriad of questions that span the organization, from marketing to operations to finance. But if you’re anything like your peers, you can struggle to keep pace with the business intelligence requests every stakeholder seems to be making.

Of course marketing and sales want in on the business intelligence riches, as does your CFO, your CEO and even your recruiting organization. But your team—and you—can only do so much in a day.

All of this can help explain why self-service analytics solutions are gaining in appeal: they provide data consumers the ability to analyze data, uncover insights and optimize, all on their own. Read the rest of the article at Information Management.

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