Recognizing Women at Clarity

Posted by Crystal Kosebutzki

Happy International Women’s Day to all our women in Tech and personal Shero’s! We want to take advantage of this opportunity to recognize all the strong women we get to work alongside everyday at Clarity, and we’re proud to toot our own horn and say that women represent 40% of our executive team, and 41% of our LDP hires are women. We value an open, supportive environment and we believe that diversity and inclusion result in better business outcomes and cultivate diversity of thought.

To celebrate these ideas, we’d love to introduce Clarity:WE!

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“Women Who Elevate and Empower” is a group forum for women’s topics, open for everyone to join. We aim to work together to create a work environment that we’re all proud to share.


Rectangle 2Clarity:WE aims to create a positive and supportive environment for the betterment of ourselves and the women we work alongside, both internally and externally to Clarity. In addition, we would like to bring awareness to women’s issues to the company as a whole.

Officially launched in 2018, we formalized a committee to layout events that would increase inclusion and awareness. Throughout the year, WE held small networking dinners that provided safe spaces to discuss women’s topics within the workplace. As a part giving back, WE took part in a Girl Scout event to teach Python programming. This fun event introduced basic concepts to allow the girls to write code that calculates cookie sales. WE was also instrumental in establishing a parent-friendly culture that includes community, alternative benefits and the addition of a wellness room in the office. Clarity is dedicated to continuing to expand and iterate on policies to support all team members through various life changes. To close out the year, visiting speaker, Amy Vetter, spoke at an all-team member luncheon as she discussed the power of support through women's networking and why it's important for both men and women to be involved.


In 2019, we hope to increase participation with small dinners, local events, a new book club, and encourage discussion and sharing on our intranet portal. Just around the corner, WE will attend STEMapalooza Science Expo hosted by the Girl Scouts to encourage early exposure of coding and increase interest in STEM activities.

Clarity Insights is proud to have a forum that encourages open dialogue in a trusting environment. We, and WE, look forward to sharing more about our inspiring group events and activities as the year goes on!

Written by Crystal Kosebutzki

VP, Leadership Development Program, Clarity Insights

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