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Check out our Spark Application Quick Tune Guide

Posted by James Barney and Jugal Patel | Aug 9, 2017 6:00:00 AM

blog-spark.jpgApache® Spark™ is a massively parallel processing framework engine that enables businesses to consume and process more data faster than ever before. It is not only more affordable than traditional ETL tools, but can also significantly decrease the time from which data is generated to when it can actually start providing business value.

Understanding internal forces at work during the execution of a Spark application can help consistently deliver data in a timely fashion. To take full advantage of the processing power that Apache Spark provides (especially on clusters with Apache Yarn™), requires some tuning of application submission parameters. 

James Barney and Jugal Patel of Clarity Insights have pulled together a quick tune guide to help optimize performance for any Spark application.

Fill out this simple form and we will email the tuning guide to you!


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