Health Innovation Framework - Ideation. Incubation. Industrialization

on Nov 9, 2017 2:37:12 PM | By Teresa Letlow | Healthcare Advanced Analytics agile
Clarity Insight’s Health Innovation Framework has been formalized across years of client experiences and is applied both externally with Clarity clients and on internal Clarity initiatives within our Health Innovation Cloud. By embracing an agile methodology, clients are able to identify and prioritize ideas, test ideas, fail or achieve success in weeks to days, and take successes to market quickly. This reduces the risk associated with projects, providing the flexibility to start small and prove ROI before implementing across the organization.
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What does a successful modern data architecture look like?

The promise of advanced analytics capabilities is incredibly tantalizing, but actually reaching that level of sophistication can be an uphill battle. So much focus goes into acquiring analytics tools and data science expertise that it's easy for organizations to overlook a critical component in the equation: the actual architectural foundation.
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Turning Analytic Backwardness into a Catalyst for Growth

on Sep 20, 2017 6:29:00 AM | By Callie Wheeler | Advanced Analytics Analytics Data Culture
You may have heard the theory of economic backwardness, but what about analytic backwardness? Clarity CTO Tripp Smith makes the case for analytic backwardness—basically analytic immaturity—as a catalyst for growth, if used correctly.
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What is business-based data governance (and why do you need it)?

Data governance is a constant struggle for many companies, as business needs, security requirements and compliance demands all grow more complex year after year. It can be enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned IT department leaders. If data governance responsibilities are going unchecked, it may be time to consider a new approach to these efforts. A strategy driven by business requirements could be the best way forward to get these processes back on track.
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4 data governance best practices you need to follow

In the rush to get exciting, advanced analytics projects off the ground, don't overlook the importance of data governance. Data governance practices can sink any analytics initiative before it really has a chance to take shape.
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How Mature are Your Analytics Capabilities?

on Aug 25, 2017 10:46:02 AM | By Callie Wheeler | Advanced Analytics Analytics Data Culture
So your organization has some data and analytics capabilities? That’s great! But if we were to measure the maturity of your analytics capabilities, where would they be? Where are you on your journey to analytic maturity? Take the quiz below to find out. Be as honest as you can, and don’t worry, everyone starts somewhere!
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Data and Analytics Company hits 9 year Inc. 5000 streak

on Aug 22, 2017 6:10:00 AM | By Clarity Insights | Big Data Advanced Analytics
  Chicago, IL - August 16, 2017 - Clarity Insights announced today that Inc. Magazine has named the company a fastest-growing private company inAmerica for the 9th consecutive year on their 36th annual Inc. 5000 list.
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Top 3 data governance failures (and how to avoid them)

Data analytics is a powerful tool for any organization, but if you don't cover all of your bases--including data governance--you will run into significant problems.
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What we can learn from Capital One anti-money laundering probe

Of all the pressing concerns facing the financial services industry today, fraud prevention may be the most difficult to get right. As technology gets more advanced, fraudsters become more sophisticated, taking advantage of new weaknesses and scamming financial firms and their customers for massive sums of money. On average, organizations lose five percent of their annual revenue due to fraud each year, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
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