What is business-based data governance (and why do you need it)?

Data governance is a constant struggle for many companies, as business needs, security requirements and compliance demands all grow more complex year after year. It can be enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned IT department leaders. If data governance responsibilities are going unchecked, it may be time to consider a new approach to these efforts. A strategy driven by business requirements could be the best way forward to get these processes back on track.
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Top 3 data governance failures (and how to avoid them)

Data analytics is a powerful tool for any organization, but if you don't cover all of your bases--including data governance--you will run into significant problems.
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Five Keys to Telling a Compelling Data Story

It is not breaking news that organizations are dealing with data growing at exponential rates. What the headlines fail to reveal, however, are the deeper challenges that companies face as a result of wading through this sea of data.  As data volumes grow, IT struggles to keep up, forcing business units to dig into data themselves to try to address critical questions. However, they simply do not have the time nor the resources to both process the data and craft a story around their findings.  By skipping the latter step, organizations are left with reports addressing a narrow subset of questions that fail to tell the whole story.
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Resolving Supply Chain Inefficiencies in the Restaurant Industry

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Data & Analytics Programs: Part 2-Getting Strategic About Your Agile

The agile method of software development has helped organizations improve software quality and team productivity. This blog series is geared towards helping you make agile work for your data and analytics initiatives.
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