The Customer is Always...Oh, Never Mind...The Art of a Customer Data Strategy

on Jul 8, 2019 9:13:19 AM | By Kevin Claybon | customer experience
The customer is always right. Uh, no... what if the customer wants something that’s bad for your business? Then, that customer is right… and wrong. Problem is, how will you know? This is what having a customer data strategy is all about. Deep, effective analysis of customer data can yield insights that help your business grow by focusing on the right customers with profitable products and services you know they want. Executing a successful customer data strategy can be challenging, but there are proven best practices to help you leverage customer data for increased profitability.
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Why you should be using customer data and predictive analytics to prevent churn

on Feb 21, 2019 10:47:24 AM | By Clarity Insights | customer experience Predictive Analytics
Customer data is the key to practically everything—from personalization to product development to world peace (ok, maybe not that). And coupled with predictive analytics, customer data can help you prevent churn. 
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Identifying Your Entire Customer and Prospect Universe

What if you had a customer and prospect universe at your fingertips? A view of every customer and would-be customer means the ability to create segmentation frameworks, understand walletshare and pursue the best prospects. Data—whether collected over years or purchased—abounds. Market leaders are leveraging their data to create customer and prospect universes, where every customer and potential customer are identified, recorded and stored for analysis. This single view of the customer means targeting, segmentation and niche strategies are all possible.
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Great customer experience requires an understanding of needs

You may think great customer experience means a coupon for birthdays, and it might. Or you may think it means personalized recommendations next time a customer logs onto your site, and that could be part of it. But ultimately, all great customer experience is built on a foundation: understanding customer needs.
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4 Problems With the Way You're Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

The digital age has ushered in a new set of challenges for marketers. With an expanded list of channels, touchpoints and consumer platforms to account for, comprehensive and quality marketing can be difficult to achieve.
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AI and natural language processing can improve Customer Experience

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Is Your Company Culture Customer-Centric?

There are three types of companies when it comes to customer-centric culture: those who have a truly customer-centric culture, those that wish they did, and those that think they do. Which type is your company?
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How to Improve Customer Experience Using Neural Networks

Everyone wants to know how to improve customer experience to increase loyalty, reduce churn and connect with their customers. It’s the question on many retailers’ minds, as they create new positions, like Chief Customer Experience Officer, and start funneling more resources into personalization efforts.
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Understanding the emotional elements of CX

In the current environment, customer experience (CX) is much more complex than many organizations realize. While taking a look at basic metrics like purchase history and rising revenues can be telling, there is a deeper level that companies should seek when analyzing CX. Enter an emotional connection with the brand, which is now more important than customer satisfaction, according to Harvard Business Review.
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