Key Steps to Success with Self-Service Analytics

Caitlin Willich knows a thing or two about self-service analytics, having helped Fortune 500 clients across the nation implement successful projects. In this piece featured in Information Management, she shares the keys to success.
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What is business-based data governance (and why do you need it)?

Data governance is a constant struggle for many companies, as business needs, security requirements and compliance demands all grow more complex year after year. It can be enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned IT department leaders. If data governance responsibilities are going unchecked, it may be time to consider a new approach to these efforts. A strategy driven by business requirements could be the best way forward to get these processes back on track.
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4 data governance best practices you need to follow

In the rush to get exciting, advanced analytics projects off the ground, don't overlook the importance of data governance. Data governance practices can sink any analytics initiative before it really has a chance to take shape.
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Top 3 data governance failures (and how to avoid them)

Data analytics is a powerful tool for any organization, but if you don't cover all of your bases--including data governance--you will run into significant problems.
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Data Lake Management: 4 Keys to Avoiding a Data Swamp

If you’re responsible for data governance, you’re likely all too familiar with the task of data lake management, as organizations are rapidly transitioning solutions that make your job even more important and complex. 
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Data-Driven Culture: Key Theme at CDO Insurance Conference NY

on May 11, 2017 10:07:00 AM | By Sal Seno | Data Governance Insurance Big Data Data Culture CDO
Clarity recently attended and sponsored Corinium’s CDO Insurance event in New York City, where the conversation centered on the validity of the Chief Data Officer role within organizations, particularly where it concerned their ability to provide overall business cohesiveness. Discussions often focused on the aspirations of the insurance industry to build and leverage data and analytics teams, headed by the CDO/CAO, to provide essential business insights and overall market gain.
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What to Do When the Signal is Noise

on Jan 20, 2017 7:45:33 PM | By Tripp Smith | Data Governance Big Data Data Assets
Market Volatility Points to Unreliable Forecasts Recent retail equities trading patterns illustrate how packaged consumer spending data, increasingly popular in forecasting, can leave traders hurrying to fix potentially expensive mistakes when the data points them in the wrong direction.
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