Great customer experience requires an understanding of needs

You may think great customer experience means a coupon for birthdays, and it might. Or you may think it means personalized recommendations next time a customer logs onto your site, and that could be part of it. But ultimately, all great customer experience is built on a foundation: understanding customer needs.
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Integrating HANA and HADOOP within SAP: Data Federation Options

on Aug 31, 2017 8:30:00 AM | By Clarity Insights | Big Data data integration SAP HANA
On one side, you have HANA®, an efficient high performance in-memory platform, and on the other side you have HADOOP®, a framework built for massive storage, enormous processing power and built for concurrency. 
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Clarity & Paxata Launch Web Data Connector for Tableau Users

  AUSTIN, TEXAS—November 7, 2016—Paxata, pioneer of the first self-service data preparation application and provider of the only enterprise-grade self-service adaptive information platform, and Clarity Solution Group, the largest onshore consultancy specializing in data and analytics, today announced the launch of a Web Data Connector (WDC) that makes it easier and faster for Tableau users to access data prepared with Paxata.
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