Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: The New “Rule of Thumb” in Insurance Claims Management

on Jun 11, 2019 11:48:19 AM | By Jon Walkenford | Data Lake Data Warehouse Modernization
Data Lake vs Data Warehouse? In our experience, people often confuse the two approaches to data management. They either conflate them or misunderstand how they are alike, yet different. Rather than deal in the abstract, we thought it would make sense to have the data lakes vs. data warehouses discussion using the example of data analytics in insurance claims management. It’s a category we know well.
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Integrating Data on a Shared Hadoop Platform for the Financial Sector

on Jan 12, 2018 4:42:39 PM | By Michael Shaw | Data Lake Financial Services Hadoop
Financial services firms are notorious record-keepers. They have to be—the financial/banking industry is among the most regulated in the nation. Despite the fastidious data-gathering, banks are like most organizations in that their information architecture evolved organically over time and consists of a patchwork of systems and solutions. This approach may have worked for a while, but the piecemeal setup now prevents timely insights, thwarts accurate reporting and hinders financial crime prevention efforts.
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Data Lake Management: 4 Keys to Avoiding a Data Swamp

If you’re responsible for data governance, you’re likely all too familiar with the task of data lake management, as organizations are rapidly transitioning solutions that make your job even more important and complex. 
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