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AI Technology May be Attractive, But Are You Ready to Tie the Knot?

  Managers Risk Costly Blunders By Rushing Out AI Tech: Consultants As companies seem to be making a 'mad dash' towards integrating this technology, the more successful firms are taking a step back to look at the broader plan and identify long-term strategic goals with an identifiable roadmap for newer technologies being introduced into the market. 
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Customer Data Capabilities - A Technology, Media & Entertainment View

Optimize the Customer Journey The game has changed for every company that is part of the Technology, Media and Entertainment industries. The parameters that previously determined the winners and losers have shifted dramatically as technology transforms the way customers access content. And it's about the customers. 
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CIOs & CDOs...You Need a Data Roadmap!

on Sep 21, 2017 6:30:00 AM By | Shibu Joseph | 0 Comments | data strategy roadmap CIO CDO
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What is business-based data governance (and why do you need it)?

on Sep 18, 2017 6:30:00 AM By | Mark Lewis | 0 Comments | Data Governance Advanced Analytics data strategy Business Intelligence
Data governance is a constant struggle for many companies, as business needs, security requirements and compliance demands all grow more complex year after year. It can be enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned IT department leaders. If data governance responsibilities are going unchecked, it may be time to consider a new approach to these efforts. A strategy driven by business requirements could be the best way forward to get these processes back on track.
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