Preparing for 2019: Create a Data-Driven Culture

on Dec 3, 2018 9:15:00 AM | By Neetu Shaw | Financial Services Data Culture
Financial Services Partner Neetu Shaw has a bold proposition for financial institutions: if you don't have a data-driven culture in 2019, you're not only not going to see the success and growth market leaders will, you'll be setting yourself up for failure. 
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AI Technology May be Attractive, But Are You Ready to Tie the Knot?

  Managers Risk Costly Blunders By Rushing Out AI Tech: Consultants As companies seem to be making a 'mad dash' towards integrating this technology, the more successful firms are taking a step back to look at the broader plan and identify long-term strategic goals with an identifiable roadmap for newer technologies being introduced into the market. 
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Integrating Data on a Shared Hadoop Platform for the Financial Sector

on Jan 12, 2018 2:42:39 PM | By Michael Shaw | Data Lake Financial Services Hadoop
Financial services firms are notorious record-keepers. They have to be—the financial/banking industry is among the most regulated in the nation. Despite the fastidious data-gathering, banks are like most organizations in that their information architecture evolved organically over time and consists of a patchwork of systems and solutions. This approach may have worked for a while, but the piecemeal setup now prevents timely insights, thwarts accurate reporting and hinders financial crime prevention efforts.
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What we can learn from Capital One anti-money laundering probe

Of all the pressing concerns facing the financial services industry today, fraud prevention may be the most difficult to get right. As technology gets more advanced, fraudsters become more sophisticated, taking advantage of new weaknesses and scamming financial firms and their customers for massive sums of money. On average, organizations lose five percent of their annual revenue due to fraud each year, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
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Take fraud prevention to the next level with advanced analytics

Fraud continues to be a thorn in the sides of banks, financial firms and insurance companies everywhere. As technology becomes more advanced, fraudsters grow more sophisticated right along with it.
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The cyber threat front line: Where operational risk meets cyber security

Operational risk has always been a cause of deep concern for financial services firms, but the ever-increasing threat of cyber security vulnerabilities has only made things more complicated. Banking institutions continue to be prime targets for hackers and other external, malicious actors. 
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3 misconceptions hurting operational risk modeling (and what you can do about it)

Operational risk is a fact of life for financial services firms, but it doesn't have to be the major source of anxiety it often becomes. Big data and advanced analytics can help organizations improve their risk management practices with precise modeling that identifies potential risks before disaster strikes.
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Leveraging Customer Data Capabilities in Financial Services & Insurance

Winning the Hearts and Minds of your Customers The consumer economy has changed the game for every financial services and insurance company. Corporate success now depends on the ability to win customers’ hearts and minds. If you are reading this, not only do you know this, but you also know competition for the “best” customers is fiercer than ever. 
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Clarity Sponsors March of Dimes Walk in Philadelphia

on May 12, 2016 4:00:38 PM | By Danielle Hilson | Financial Services
Clarity Solution Group showed its support for the March of Dimes Annual March for Babies by sponsoring this year's walk in Philadelphia, PA. March for Babies celebrates healthy babies as well as those who need support to become healthy and thrive. The walk was held April 24, 2016 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with more than 5,000 families in attendance. The event was expected to raise more than $700,000.
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