4 Key Takeaways from SAPPHIRE 2017

How to Solve the Challenges of HANA and Hadoop If you attended SAPPHIRE 2017, you’re probably still digesting, distilling, and sharing the vast amount of information presented. If you missed it, we’ve compiled a few of our own key takeaways and some helpful tips to share about what we’ve done to address some of the major challenges highlighted in the conference.
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Chicago Ideas Week: Data-Related Disruptive Technology

on Jan 4, 2016 3:57:19 PM | By Clarity Insights | Internet of Things
The “Disruptive Innovation” talk at this year’s Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) focused on how sensor data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fundamentally changing industries, lifestyles and the future. I was interested to hear how some established and time-honored industries and institutions are leading the charge with disruptive technologies and finding meaningful ways to transform their businesses and experiences with the help of data. Here are a few of my favorite examples:
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