Are Your Big data projects failing? Understanding Why (and what to change next time)

Working with a qualified analytics consultant can put your big data project on the path to success. Big data has shown tremendous promise, yet it's common to hear about big data projects failing. The opportunity to drive operational improvement in every industry has companies in healthcare, financial services and manufacturing, among many other fields, ramping up investments in data analytics to enhance everything from customer experience to risk management. There are endless big data analytics use cases demonstrating how valuable this technology can be, but not all initiatives have happy endings. 
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Integrate Patient Preferences and Watch Satisfaction Soar

Data point collection is a touchy topic for some patients, especially when news of medical information and financial data breaches spreads across newsfeeds. Why is data point collection imperative to improving patient care, safety, and outcomes? Let’s get down to brass tacks about data points—which ones should you collect and how that is connected to improvement across the board.
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Unstructured Data and MDM: Bridging the Gap

on Jan 10, 2014 2:16:29 PM | By Clarity Insights | Industrial Master Data Managment
"Why can’t I search for product information the way I search with Google?” If you are having conversations with business users, this is probably a question you hear with great regularity. To be more specific, in a recent discussion I had with several IT executives, they all told a similar story – “We’ve spent millions on MDM and millions more on business intelligence.  Unfortunately, we still can’t deliver an integrated view of our customers, products, and the intersections of them to our frontline workers and knowledge workers because the most important data, which provides context for decision-making is missing - that missing data is unstructured (textual) data”. Master Data is the Building Block Experts agree that a robust ‘MDM of Customer’ or ‘MDM of Product’ implementation is a fundamental building block to enable the concept of ‘information as an asset’.  As a result, many of our clients have implemented MDM solutions and are already realizing measurable benefits such as
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