Collecting the Right Data to Personalize Customer Journeys

on Jun 28, 2017 8:30:00 AM | By Clarity Insights | Big Data White Papers marketing analytics
This is the era of personalization, from your coffee order to your Spotify playlist. Yesterday’s marketing miracle is now a foregone conclusion: consumers expect personalization across the customer journey. From relevant content, to suggestions they'll like, to the right solution for their individual needs, businesses are investing in personalization without any sign of slowing down.
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Is Your Company Culture Customer-Centric?

There are three types of companies when it comes to customer-centric culture: those who have a truly customer-centric culture, those that wish they did, and those that think they do. Which type is your company?
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How to Improve Customer Experience Using Neural Networks

Everyone wants to know how to improve customer experience to increase loyalty, reduce churn and connect with their customers. It’s the question on many retailers’ minds, as they create new positions, like Chief Customer Experience Officer, and start funneling more resources into personalization efforts.
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Data Lake Management: 4 Keys to Avoiding a Data Swamp

If you’re responsible for data governance, you’re likely all too familiar with the task of data lake management, as organizations are rapidly transitioning solutions that make your job even more important and complex. 
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