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Genuine benefits. It matters.

We pride ourselves in offering meaningful benefits that allow you to do the work you love

clarity stay connected

Stay Connected

We stay connected through Clarity Connect, an initiative to enhance your work-life experience. As a road warrior it's important to meet in person, so we provide ways to do that.
clarity give back

Give Back

Giving back is good for your health, career and spirit. In addition to volunteering, we partner at the corporate level with many community service organizations and non-profits to impact change.
clarity build a future

Build a Future

How does being on several award lists for growth over multiple years sound to you? Growth provides incredible career opportunities for people who like to challenge themselves.
clarity invest in you

Invest in You

We listen to what matters most to you. More than being a fun place to work, we provide an environment where the relationships with colleagues matter more.
clarity maintain balance

Maintain Balance

We ask you to work hard, but trust you to determine how much time to take off, and when. Life outside work matters and we find a way to make it all work because we believe all relationships matter.
clarity celebrate together

Celebrate Together

The most talented people know it’s about more than just money. We're proud to pay competitively but more importantly, we celebrate promotions, recognize milestones and remember to say thank you.
clarity skip bureaucracy

Skip Bureaucracy

We insist on direct access to the leadership team because transparency is our core value. We’ve built a culture where access equals collaboration and encourages innovation.
clarity stay passionate

Stay         Passionate

To us, there’s nothing better than solving our toughest client problems. Where others fail, we succeed. Do you go to bits (and bytes) for data? Let’s talk.

We have opportunities throughout the United States

clarity locations west coast big data consulting

West Coast Region

In the place where "big data" was invented, Clarity is working with some of the Valley's biggest names to help drive their business forward.


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clarity locations midwest big data consulting

Midwest Region

Home to Clarity's headquarters, this region's economic diversity means that our consultants work with many different kinds of client using big data related technology. 

See Midwest roles 

clarity locations southeast big data consulting

Southeast Region

Charlotte's huge volume of banking and high-tech firms means that a lot of big data and data science work is taking place in the region.

See Southeast roles 

clarity locations northeast big data consulting

Northeast Region

The Northeast is home to Wall Street as well as a large insurance and pharmaceutical industries. What do they all have in common? A huge need for data.

See Northeast roles

Seeking experts and risktakers

clarity careers engagement manager

Engagement Manager

Build a partnership with our clients

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clarity careers cloud architect

Cloud Architect

Blend big data and the cloud 

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clarity careers data science

Data Scientist

Find actionable insights  

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clarity careers big data architect

Big Data Architect

Build solutions for the Fortune 1000

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clarity careers big data engineer

Big Data Engineer

Are you a data innovator?

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graduates LDP

Start your career with Clarity

We believe in hiring the best and shaping them into our future leadership team with our Leadership Development Program (LDP). Our LDP consultants are rapidly integrated into an active, transparent and progressive culture where they are encouraged to contribute directly to the future of Clarity. Click to learn more about how we support our consultants by providing on-going training, diverse networks, mentorship, and formal career planning.


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Our Values

At Clarity Insights, we take great pride in, and pay close attention to, our culture. Core to the culture are the values we live by. They bring us closer together and ensure that we create a company where people want to stay and who clients want to work with. 

clarity embrace the impossible
our values
clarity always growing

Embrace Impossible

Clarity's team is optimistic and hardworking. We reward risk and learn from our failures; challenge convention and encourage others to challenge us. We fearlessly take on projects we've never done before with trust in our teams and the confidence that we will always find a way to succeed. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and consistently bring new ideas to the table.

Do The Right Thing

We are an honest bunch and aren't afraid to tell the truth. We believe in sharing information and spreading knowledge for the betterment of all, because that will make us all succeed. We deliver on the commitments we've made regardless of what it takes to get there, and we always show up, actively ready to solve problems, not just talk about them. For us, integrity isn't just a corporate value statement, it's part of our DNA.

Always Growing

Our team members are naturally curious, so we've built an environment for continuous learning. We support continual growth in many ways, including traditional models such as training programs and corporate knowledge centers; as well as more creative models, like mentorship programs, accelerated learning and certification paths and customized career trajectories based on personalized interests. One thing is for sure, we're always growing.

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