Cloud Data Lake Drives Business Model Transformation

Clarity Insights architected and built a modern data architecture that increased revenue $1.5 M annually


Transforming Data to Transform a Business Model

Since its founding 80 years ago, our client has provided insurance and financial services to credit unions and their members around the world. Now they were looking to transform their business model to include direct-to-consumer sales.

The company turned to Clarity to overhaul their entire approach to data, which included migrating their on-premise systems to the cloud and transformingfrom a B2B to a direct-to-consumer model.

However, the firm lacked a cohesive, enterprise-wide data strategy, which hindered their ability to use member and policyholder data to personalize the customer experience. In particular, they suffered from siloed data systems that were difficult to integrate, manage and support. Inconsistent data definitions and the absence of cohesive data governance meant that reports that were crucial to everyday operations did not always align with the business needs and goals.


A Cloud Data Lake With Full Analytics Capabilities

We began this major undertaking by assessing the firm’s big data and cloud analytics platform requirements and evaluating the best technologies to fit the needs of the client’s consumer data warehouse initiative. We recommended a hybrid cloud analytics environment that supports advanced analytic capabilities used to address business needs. Microsoft Azure provides secure, scalable platform that offers connectivity to the company’s on-premise network.

We defined the reference architecture for the analytics platform, which consisted of a cloud data lake, as well as tools for analysts to develop and execute models, perform data discovery activities and create visualizations.

Once the data environment was established, we began operationalizing these capabilities by using call center data to capture, enrich and prioritize marketing leads. Lastly, we created analytics and innovation sandboxes to allow data scientists to quickly build models, score them against full datasets.


Better time to insight and $1.5 M annual increase in revenues  

Clarity Insights has helped drive change from within, transforming the firm into an insights-driven organization. They are now able to operationalize insights and turn them into measurable business outcomes. And by maximizing the value of each customer, the company saw results in just 60 days—and they estimate $1.5 million in annual revenue.

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