Why Clarity Insights?

We understand what it takes to build insight driven companies

Since we were established in 2008, we’ve been focused on what’s important to our clients: prioritizing outcomes over algorithms. Our talented teams don't just blend the art and science of data, they also help companies make insights a core part of their organizational culture. 
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What it's like to work with Clarity


We've earned a reputation for integrity and transparency among our clients. Unlike some other firms, we don't bait-and-switch consultants. The talented team of experts that shows up at the initial meetings is the team that works on your project—start to finish.

Empowering Self-Sufficiency

Our goal is to make ourselves obsolete through the continual transfer of knowledge about our methods, capabilities and models. That's not what you expect to hear from a consulting firm, but we forge stronger relationships with our clients by sharing knowledge instead of hoarding it.


We hire "T-shaped" or "two-brained" consultants—people who are deeply knowledgeable about a technical or industrial discipline and who have broad experience in many other fields. This versatility gives our consultants a wider, more nuanced perspective and creates a multiplier effect.

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Our Values 

clarity values embrace the impossible

Embrace the Impossible

Our team is optimistic and hardworking. We reward risk and learn from our failures; challenge convention and encourage others to challenge us. We fearlessly take on projects we've never done before with trust in our teams and the confidence that we will always find a way to succeed. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and consistently bring new ideas to the table.

our values

Do the Right Thing

We are an honest bunch and aren't afraid to tell the truth. We believe in sharing information and spreading knowledge for the betterment of all, because that will make us all succeed. We deliver on the commitments we've made regardless of what it takes to get there, and we always show up, actively ready to solve problems, not just talk about them. For us, integrity isn't just a corporate value statement, it's part of our DNA.

clarity values always growing

Always Growing

Our team members are naturally curious, so we've built an environment for continuous learning. We support continual growth in many ways, including traditional models such as training programs and corporate knowledge centers; as well as more creative models, like mentorship programs, accelerated learning and certification paths and customized career trajectories based on personalized interests. One thing is for sure, we're always growing.

data careers

Do you speak data?

Big data, machine learning, sensors, social: we handle the biggest data projects for the biggest brands. If you want to design and deliver innovative solutions, use cutting-edge technologies, and work alongside the best talent in data and analytics today, then we should get to know each other.
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Our Executive Team

Neil Huse
Lakshmi Parmeswaran
Chief Talent Officer
Scott Nenninger
Chief Financial Officer
Debbie Callahan
Chief Sales Officer
Tripp Smith
Chief Technology Officer
Ray Lin
High Tech
Cavan Dunn
Communication, Media and Entertainment
Olaf Larson
Bob Fuller
Managing Partner
Duane Lyons
Managing Partner
Neetu Shaw
Financial Services and Automotive
Ronald Pasko
Vice President
Delivery Excellence
Crystal Kosebutzki
Vice President
Leadership Development Program

Our Service Line Leaders

Caitlin Willich
Data Visualization
Chris Mahany
Data Engineering
Patrick Watts
Cloud Engineering
Gabriel Mohana
Data Science
Mike Shaw
Managing Director
Data Engineering
John Walkenford
Managing Director
Data Strategy
Michael Buzzelli
Managing Director

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