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Clarity helps companies attract more of the right customers—and keep them

Your customers are smart.

They are connected and empowered by their access to information—they know what they want, they know where to find it and they know how much they want to pay. This is why it’s so important to go beyond the numbers and understand your customers' behaviors and habits. Through our customer journey analytics, Clarity can help you to predict future behaviors, improve satisfaction, make data-driven purchase recommendations and, best of all, hold on to your customers.


We believe Forrester has recognized our skill and expertise in this area by naming Clarity Insights a leader in the Forrester WaveTM Customer Analytics Service Providers Q3, 2017Download the report to read more about their findings and find out how we can help your company improve its customer analytics.

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A top 10 financial services and insurance firm
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A global software firm 
One of America's largest media firms
A leading rideshare firm.
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Customer Experience

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Enable Marketing Personalization

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Enable Contextual Marketing

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Clarity Insights is leading the way with emerging analytical techniques


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Geospatial Analytics

Clarity Insights has helped clients use geographic data in a wide range of customer analytics; from measuring the impact of changing health provider options on healthcare accessibility for patients, to the impact of store location on marketing.


Voice and Text Analytics

Voice data, such as recordings of calls to customer service agents, can be a source of great insight. Up until recently, however, it was difficult to analyze this data at scale. Clarity Insights has helped clients do just that using, among other things, neuro-linguistic programming, to gather insights related to customer satisfaction and experience.


Social Media Analytics

Social media contains a treasure trove of data, but combining that data with existing customer files can be challenging. Clarity Insights uses sophisticated entity resolution techniques to resolve this issue, enabling more accurate customer segmentation and greater marketing personalization.


How we turn insights into action


Insights can help grow your business, but only if they are implemented, and 57% of CAOs say the biggest challenge to this is culture. Clarity Insights’ change management consultants address this issue, implementing change management programs that go beyond training to look at the process, communication and incentive changes needed to change culture.


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Analytics COE

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Advanced Consumer Engagement

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