“First Do No Harm” Starts With Securing Patient Data

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Since 2009 there have been over 135 million health records lost or stolen. More recently, a poll found that 90% of healthcare organizations have been part of a data breach within the past two years. This paper outlines the guidelines and technical designs any healthcare company should adopt to keep patient data out of the hands of cyber criminals. Complete the form to get the latest information in our white paper. 

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Our Healthcare Practice

Clarity understands the complexities of the healthcare and life sciences industry providing custom data and analytics solutions that generate valuable insights to improve quality and efficacy of care, reduce inefficiencies and errors, and be prepare for an uncertain future.

Data Breach Prevention and Mitigation

Guard against the growing threat of hackers, and mitigate the impact of a breach with analytics and machine learning. Identify and correct vulnerabilities in data storage and user access, and monitor patterns in patient and IoT devices to spot anomalies and prevent a breach.

Master Data Management


Establish a single source of patient, member and provider data across all your systems and locations. Apply powerful analytics to this master data set to reduce errors and ensure regulatory compliance, and use machine learning to improve diagnostic accuracy, quality of care and patient outcomes.

Healthcare Information Strategy


Adapt to the ever-changing medical and regulatory landscape by implementing a core information strategy. A flexible, scalable data architecture that includes machine learning, automation and deep analytics enables your organization to thrive, despite the unpredictability of the current healthcare climate.


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