Transforming to a Customer-Centric Business Model

Helping a company become insights-driven through data integration and data engineering


Change models to better serve the customer


This Life and Annuities client was challenged to transform from a price/product model to a customer-centric model to better serve both customers and agents.


Technical leadership, data integration & delivery over multi-year

Clarity partnered with this client to design and implement a program to deliver the data needed to better understand and serve its customers. Clarity has provided technical leadership, data integration and delivery expertise as part of the client’s 5-year, 32-initiative program that encompasses the business areas of customer, marketing and operations. Projects have included data provisioning, master data management and an integration competency center, all of which improve the client’s ability to understand customers. Clarity also designed and implemented an Enterprise Data Management organization within the business to support Data and Program Governance disciplines. New MDM deliverables created a single, reliable view of customers integrated with third-party data to aid in marketing and more informed business decisions. Delivery followed quick, iterative releases to give business users immediate access to data.


A data-driven,self sustaining, customer centric model


Well documented, verified and cleansed data allows business users to confidently access information to improve their customer’s interaction experience. With the help of best practices and strategic application architecture, the company has built teams and environments to provide integration services in a self-sustaining model. The client now has a customer-centric service experience, data-driven decision making, a simplified legacy environment and a differentiated experience for agents and consumers.

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