Data Strategy Drives Customer Centricity

Creating an insights-driven, customer-centric company through data strategy, and organizational and process changes.


Analyze consumer data & deliver more personal experience

This large financial services company built custom applications for its business units for many years. Over time, this led to siloed systems that were difficult to integrate, manage, and support. In addition, because of inconsistent data definitions, business reports did not align. The client decided to institute an enterprise-wide data strategy to maximize its consumer data value. They wanted to deliver a personalized experience based on member trends and current life situations.


Developing a complete strategy


Clarity developed the complete strategy from needs assessment and gap analysis, to technical infrastructure and diagrams, organizational data governance framework, and new processes and technology recommendations. The strategy helped transform market discipline from a product-centric to customer-intimate.


A more customer centric process

  • Future state business, data and technical strategy including execution plan.

  • Implementation including organizational, process, and technology changes.

  • Data governance framework and procedure including an advisory group with representatives from multiple departments, a mission statement for defining key metrics, an agreement on where and when to aggregate data, and an information domain council to which the group reported.

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