Multi-Year Strategy Aligns to Analytic Priorities

Building a roadmap to create an insights driven company


Entire business transformation & BI overhaul


This large personal and business insurance client engaged Clarity on an enterprise-wide business-transformation initiative to replace core policy administration and billing systems, while expanding and evolving its Business Intelligence (BI) environment to enable true business analytics capabilities.


Advisory, roadmap, architecture, & design services

Clarity has partnered with the client for the entire lifecycle of this three-year program from strategy advisory services, through roadmap and architecture to design. Each project propels the client’s ability to perform high-end analytics. Projects have included:

  • Organizational design (including the formation of enterprise data management and data governance structures)
  • Creation of a business analytics roadmap
  • Implementation of an enterprise BI Strategy
  • Facilitation of business interview sessions
  • Delivery of a BI roadmap solution that includes requirements

Clarity  has also led the architecture/ solution requirements and design phase for one release and has performed assessments to measure effectiveness and ongoing alignment of IT and business priorities.


A long term, evolving strategy aligned with business goals


A comprehensive multi-year data strategy and roadmap that will evolve with the next-generation data environment and  remain aligned with business analytics priorities.

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