Diagnostic Querying in Real Time

Clarity assisted this healthcare provider to enable real-time analytics and availability of data for diagnostic analysis queries.


Real-time diagnostics needed

This healthcare provider sought to implement a real-time analytics streaming solution to deliver information for timely diagnostic queries that are up-to-date within 5 minutes.


Adjustments to EMR, updating data constantly

Clarity’s solution includes Apache Spark™ streams and EMR changes, performing enrichment and updating data in micro-batches to a Phoenix data store for diagnostic queries.


Improved quality of care & reduced costs

Potential health risks can now be identified same day, empowering doctors to address these issues more quickly and improving the quality of care through empowered diagnostic querying and alerts on real-time data, eliminating the one-day batch lag. Speed and accuracy enable earlier, more preventative measures from physicians and reduce the cost of treatment.

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