Cloud Engineering

With Clarity's cloud expertise, you can uncover actionable insights quickly, let us help automate your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on creating value

An infrastructure that's automated AND optimized for data and analytics

Get back to business. Rather than spending costly time focusing on support, automate your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on creating value. With Clarity's cloud expertise, you can uncover actionable insights quickly, reducing time to value from months to days. And as you're uncovering insights, rest easy knowing your data is secure. Our multilayered approach to data security means you don't have to worry about customer data. When done correctly, the cloud is just as secure as onsite data storage, and doing it right is our business.


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Cloud Principles

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Our cloud solutions are deployed and managed programatically through CLI or SDK. This enables configuration management and deployment on demand.

Separate Compute and Storage
Separation means storage services focus on data management, while compute resources match workload and context independently and dynamically.

Data Protection
Clarity incorporates layered security measures to protect data in the cloud. Our approach is holistic, implementing network and application security, and data encryption.

Cost Optimization via Elasticity
Our clients deploy compute resources that shrink and grow based on workload, meaning they pay only for the resources they use.

Agile Infrastructure
We focus on speed-to-value, refactoring cloud infrastructure based on business needs and working application code.

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