Keeping Pace with Customers While Saving Money

Clarity worked with a bank to upgrade their data management platform and send results straight to the bottom line.


Outdated data management platform

This financial services client was looking to upgrade its legacy data management platform. As their assets under custody continued to grow, the solution needed to be scalable and flexible to handle the information management and data processing workloads associated with their growth. 


Architectural guidelines for a big data platform

Clarity provided architectural guiding principles, a technology portfolio inventory, data architecture, workload management procedures, data repository configuration, coding standards, and development guidelines for enabling a big data platform that would not only handle the migration of decades of legacy mainframe jobs but completely eliminate the need for duplicate systems (U.S. vs. International).

The architectural framework used was Clarity’s Apache™ Hadoop® on Wheels, which allowed the client to address issues of governance and security up front.


Improved analytics capabilities & money saved

By replacing expensive legacy ETL and code management platforms with innovative technologies, Clarity enabled the client to save money while improving their analytics capabilities. In fact, the solution enabled near real-time internal and external data and analytic services.

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