Business Insights Persuade Members to Stay In-Network

Clarity assisted this healthcare insurer in its efforts to boost retention by using complex data analytics to enable business insights that would persuade members to stay.


Persuade members to stay


This large independent healthcare insurer needed assistance in gaining specific insights into its business and members. The client sought to identify customer experience insightts that would help persuade members not to change healthcare insurers.


Find the facts through analytics & data visualization

Clarity was engaged to:

  • Identify key stakeholders and conduct interviews to clearly articulate the problem statement, define use cases and determine data requirements.
  • Work with the technology team to extract from operational data stores the data required for performing deep analytics.
  • Translate the insights developed into meaningful and persuasive messages for at-risk clients.
  • Develop data visualization tools to help deliver the message.
  • Work with client leadership to get consensus on messaging for at-risk accounts and deliver the messages.


Data analysis identifies value


This engagement leveraged sophisticated big data technology to perform complex data analysis and deliver quick wins that showed a real increase in retention. 

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