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For Healthcare Organizations, a Modern Data Architecture is a Must

Bob Fuller, Partner, and Ramu Kalvakuntla, CTO Healthcare, contribute to AHIMA's Data Revolution blog and shed light on modern data architectures for the industry.

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What You Must Do in 2019—Or Prepare to Fail

Neetu Shaw, Partner, gives financial services organizations an ultimatum as they prepare for the new year.

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Terminal Wars Revisited

Neetu Shaw, Partner, helps clients apply macro payments industry themes to their particular environments.

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Amazon Brings its Cloud and Supply-Chain Experience to Healthcare

Bob Fuller, Partner, contributes to a Modern Healthcare article about the commerce giant giving traditional vendors a run for their money.

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A Necessary Threat: Disruption is the Wake-Up Call Healthcare Needs

Read the article by Max Schlather, Health Innovation Lead, on how smart healthcare leaders must step up and challenge the status quo.

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Snowflake Computing Names Clarity Insights the "Be Excellent" 2018 Partner of the Year.

We're thrilled to share this exciting news from a partner that our clients love.

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Is Analytics the Answer?

Neetu Shaw, Financial Service Partner, on how data and analytics is changing business.

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Blockchain Solutions Usher an Era of Trusted Big Data

Read the article by CTO, Tripp Smith, on blockchain's promise.

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Interoperability is the Key to Lower Healthcare Costs and Better Patient Outcomes. But How Do We Get There?

Healthcare Partner Bob Fuller reveals the path to interoperability.

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Key Steps to Success with Self-Service Analytics

Director of Data visualization, Caitlin Willich's opinion article about the power struggle of self-service solutions between the IT department and stakeholders (subscription required).

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Business Ledger Honors 75 Companies as "Best Places to Work in Illinois"

The annual Best Places to Work in Illinois is a combination survey, study and awards ceremony established to identify the top places of employment in Illinois. Read more to see how Clarity Insights scored.

Best Places to Work 2018




Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Others have a Long Road Ahead in Healthcare

Bob Fuller, Partner, contributes to a Modern Healthcare article about companies working together to pledge for greater interoperability in Healthcare.

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Google is Here. Now the Rest of Healthcare Has to Keep Up.

Bob Fuller, Partner, contributes to a Modern Healthcare article about new entrants to the industry.

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Managers Risk Costly Blunders by Rushing Out AI Tech: Consultants

Neetu Shaw, Partner, contributes her point of view on AI in financial services to this article in FundFire, part of the Financial Times family (subscription required).

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