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Big Data and AI are reshaping the automotive industry 

Cars provide a wealth of data on a daily basis that fuels innovation and opportunity across the entire automotive industry. Wifi communicates up-to-date GPS and traffic information; sensors improve fleet management, allow remote diagnostics, and enable automatic collision notifications; machine learning and neural networks are advancing the realization of autonomous vehicles; and connected cars and infrastructures allow route monitoring and hazard alerts. It's an impressive list that goes on and on, and automotive data analytics are at the root, transforming driving into a safer, smarter and greener experience.
Clarity's team works across the full automotive ecosystem, creating disruptive digital transformations and innovative solutions to improve quality, enrich service and enhance safety. We work with:

+ Auto Manufacturers

+ Auto Electronics

+ Auto Financing

+ Dealer Conglomerates

+ OEM Suppliers

+ OEM Component Manufacturers


We are leveraging cutting-edge data lake, cloud and artificial intelligence strategies and solutions to enable the automotive industry to realize its accelerated digital transformation goals, where information modernization becomes an integral and actionable part of companies' most strategic business objectives."

— Neetu Shaw, Partner


Our capabilities

information strategy
Information Strategy
Data Engineering
data mgmt
Data Management
Modern Data Architecture 
data visualization
Data Visualization
advanced analytics ai
Advanced Analytics and AI

Three most relevant automotive trends



Literally "vehicle to everything," using telematics and IoT, the connected car enables communication between vehicles and roads, traffic and weather alerts, music, email and even your home apps. Is your organization ready to harness the opportunities these innovations are providing?


Digital transformation

Relying on cloud, data science and machine learning, your organization can optimize its business functions. Automated algorithms and machine learning generated computer models can elevate processes and set you up for success.

automotive customer experience

Customer experience

The automotive landscape is quickly growing to include infotainment, autonomous vehicles, and connected cars, and it's important to maintain the customer experience across all channels. As these programs rise in popularity, we can help you with the escalating need for modern data architecture, AI and chatbots.

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