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Whether you’re a bank or an investment firm, we help you engage customers, keep their data safe, and keep compliance headaches at bay

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The financial industry is one of the most scrutinized in the world. A fluctuating global economy, technology advances and rising customer expectations have spawned new risks and regulations—and along with them, new opportunities. Navigating these complexities can be tough, but your compliance and brand reputation are on the line.

At Clarity Insights, we've worked with many of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions, and we're familiar with the issues you face every day. Our financial services data analytics and AI expertise—combined with tools such as machine learning, advanced data science and prescriptive capabilities—will help your teams spot and prevent fraudulent activity, ease compliance and reporting, engage with and grow your customer base, and optimize your marketing efforts.

Learn more about the main three areas of Financial Services we work within:


We are enabling financial institutions to become true digital leaders by harnessing the power of innovative, disruptive and game-changing analytical and artificial intelligence strategies to take the fight to fraudsters and money launderers; to deliver enhanced real-time customer experiences; and to realize accelerated transformational initiatives where modern data architecture along with mobile, social and cloud become central to their end-to-end modernization."


— Neetu Shaw, Partner

Information Strategy


Data Engineering


Data Management


Modern Data Architecture


Data Visualization


Advanced Analytics and AI


Reinvent the retail bank
You already know you need to become customer-centric, mobile and digitally anchored. With lasting strategies that target the right markets, customers and solutions, we can help you embrace the technologies that will enable you to restructure your business and technical foundation in order to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Modernize capital markets
It's time to create competitive differentiation through big data, automation and artificial intelligence to deliver high performance trading in capital markets. That means increased revenue and cost sales and new sources of growth in the front office, and increased efficiencies in the back-office.

Invest in robo-advice
Wealth management organizations must keep the focus on the customer as robo-advice becomes democratized like never before. Mass-market and mass-affluent customers are now able to avail themselves of services that were previously affordable only to high net-worth clients. Consequently digitization and automation are driving the growth of next-gen, intelligent robo platforms that are becoming central to how banks are reinventing themselves.

Enhance the omnichannel customer experience
Create a truly holistic view of your customer to provide best in class service. Real-time, personalized experiences are key to attracting and retaining members, and we know how to create an impactful consumer experience strategy while keeping the focus on customer analytics, channel analytics and marketing optimization.

Securities brokerage and trading

Modernize and adapt
Big data, cloud computing, real-time analytics, machine learning and block chain are revolutionizing securities and brokerage business models. Straight through processing, improved access to information and greater processing power are impacting everything from algorithmic trading to clearing, settlement and custody. Be a winner amidst these changes.

Improve your relationships and performance
Brokerage and trading firms need a holistic view of the customer in order to provide superior and seamless service across channels. Tailoring product offerings, personalizing customer service, or automating financial statements can go a long way toward facilitating positive experiences and in turn increasing retention and brand loyalty. By providing a robust data foundation, along with channel and customer analytics and marketing optimization, we enable outcomes that customers cherish.

Investment management

Balance risk and reward
Your firm's growth depends on finding the sweet spot between risk and innovation. While alternative data sources are creating faster and more comprehensive data sets, it's imperative to assess, manage and respond to strategic risks in order to avoid compromised critical assets, financial performance or reputation. Make sure you're equipped to strike the right balance.

Modernize and adapt your investment management models
Cloud computing and cloud-based delivery models are increasingly accessible for small- and medium-sized firms, and AI based automation, streaming data analysis and real-time decisions are impacting everything from client servicing, to asset allocations and proactive product offers. Now is the time to modernize and leverage machine learning.

Relationships are critical to success
Creating trust is imperative for the intimacy required of a successful wealth management relationship. You must manage shrinking margins, economic, political and regulatory shifts, and disruptive business models in order to create transformational change in the customer journey. Through our customer analytics, and omnichannel marketing optimization we create the holistic view of your customer needed to provide the personalized experience they want.

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