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Healthcare payers and providers face unprecedented volatility, competition and regulation—not to mention the competition stemming from disruptive technologies and care models. The future of the healthcare industry is being driven by personalized analytics, combining data from sources like sensors, wearables and implants. As these technologies develop and advance, they will become more accurate and more collaborative, enhancing the view into the digital-self and making that data more useful than it is today. This will create opportunities to impact patient care, health planning and patient experience:

Patient care will become more personalized and require significantly more healthcare data analysis. Providers will have additional tools to support care planning but will be required to balance data analysis, research, and engaging with patients. Advancements in artificial intelligence will enable providers to be more effective.
More data about individuals leads to more information about populations. Care planning via outcome analysis will be commonplace, leading to a cycle of accurate benchmarks and research, informed care plans, tracked outcomes and optimized health for a population.
Healthcare will learn from other industries and effectively engage with patients in new ways. Telehealth, gamification and other mechanisms will help drive engagement through incentives, and this engagement will lead to improved consumer experience and outcomes.
We're shaping the future of healthcare to improve patient engagement in health and wellness, provide consumers with the right care through the right channel, create engaging providers and healthcare entity relationships and optimize medication, and minimize fraud, waste and abuse.
Bob Fuller

The healthcare industry has undergone tremendous change over the last few years and faces more to come. Healthcare companies need to build business agility as a core competency to respond to these changes. Leveraging data and analytics as the basis for making fact-based decisions will be instrumental to succeeding in the future."


— Robert Fuller, Managing Partner


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Clarity's team works across the full healthcare ecosystem, creating disruptive digital transformations and innovative solutions to improve quality, and enrich the customer experience. We work with: 

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Clinical Data Analytics Solutions

Transform clinical data into insights by exploring market opportunities for data sources such as wearables, sensors, genomics, and pharma. Clarity's FHIR solutions help you beat the market by building fast FHIR-compliant warehouses utilizing clinical data. Do you have a strategy for collecting and using your clinical data management and analysis?



Care and health management is the key to healthcare customer engagement. Consumers have high expectations about how well health plan representatives cater to their specific needs and preferences; from benefits and administration to care, health and wellness. Are you prepared to provide continuously higher levels of personalization?


Modern Data Architecture

Establish a single source of patient, member and provider data across all your systems and locations. Reduce errors and ensure regulatory compliance, all while using machine learning to improve diagnostic accuracy, quality of care and patient retention. Is your architecture built to handle today's healthcare big data?



Clarity helps you leverage emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and graph technologies to improve financial performance. Is your healthcare institution ready to manage costs, assess risk, and financing to achieve economic sustainability?

Addressing healthcare pain points

Provider data

Clinical data from providers and HIEs will provide a more complete view of the healthcare journey, allowing for specific episode analytics.

Government data

Population health and public health data from the NIH, and CMS provide greater amounts of data for benchmarks and measuring outcomes.

Medical devices

Clinical trial and pharmacological data will be integrated with data from providers, genomic and academic research and health plans to form advanced predictive models.


Government and quality program advancements such as ACA changes and HIE requirements will require an evolution of data use.

Healthcare data and analytics

Health plans already store and analyze a significant amount of claims data. However, this universe will need to expand to provide more holistic and accurate analytic insight.

Technology and adoption

Avoid the major stumbling block for many health plans; the inability to effectively analyze vast data stores due to data set disparity, infrastructure challenges or analytical tools that lack the capability to support analytic functions.

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