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Educational institutions are empowered by our digital methodology; we focus on enabling data-driven cultures, aligning scholastic vision with strategic operational goals and ensuring the best path for success

Accelerating digital transformation and data proficiency throughout the higher education ecosystem

The education landscape is in the midst of both a global and digital expansion, and educational institutions must find ways to stay competitive. Keep up with new programs that leverage digital enablement—such as free online courses, remain enticing to a global audience with a range of backgrounds and perceptions of importance or return on investment, and enable on-demand (24/7) accessibility to key measures of personal performance, assistance programs, and predictive resources that enable accelerated advantages.

The education ecosystem is honing its definition of community, growing to encompass a global perspective, and that community is proving to have high expectations. Clarity helps you meet those expectations, bringing proven data strategy and methodology to several top-tier institutions. We build on our expertise to bring about a digital transformation in operational departments and leverage analytics and big data to prioritize diversity in your classrooms, creating specialized programs for inclusion. We successfully construct academic class profiles to find top candidates, and we enable real-time development of your admission funnel through the power of artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning and self-service business reporting, all of which are aligned to proven methodologies for successful adoption.

Focus your efforts to foster growth and competitive advantage in:

+ Secondary Education Admissions 
+ Academic and Learning Programs 
+ Digital and Campus Operations 
+ Academic Research and Campus Innovation

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are built around our goal of creating a data-driven culture for your organization. We recognize that your people, platforms and technologies must align to your analytical vision, and the following list illustrates the ways in which we work to enable the most successful outcomes.


NextGen Strategy


Data Engineering


Change Management


Modern Data Architecture


Self-Service Reporting


Advanced Prospect Analytics


Admissions funnel-tracking

Our data science teams have built models that align to enable your ideal class profile by analyzing the key criteria for success. We provide data-rich tools to accelerate improved decision making, while still retaining the essential human element. Enable your admissions goals using our models, giving your team time to interview and cultivate the best candidates for your programs.


Predictive institutional rankings

As a student, real-time analysis of performance—a series of achievement checks in and out of the classroom—can be hugely impactful semester-to-semester. This level of personalized attention to students encourages loyalty and shows dedication to prospective applicants. For your institution this represents a polarizing differentiator that will allow you to stand out in the industry.


Prescriptive models

With operational cost savings as the goal, we create centralized organizational insight with second-by-second updates. From IoT-enabled campus monitoring, to automated space allocation systems and strategic roadmap enablement, our full solution offerings will bring about quick-win successes aligned with your long-term vision.

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