Working with property, casualty and life insurance companies, Clarity helps deepen your relationships with customers, policyholders and beneficiaries, so you can provide the best service

Solving complexity using insights

The business of insuring companies, property and people has grown exponentially more complex. Insurance is becoming far more customer-driven than agent-based. Sophisticated technologies and savvy customers offer new opportunities—and along with them, new risk. Maximize these opportunities and mitigate your risk by by partnering with Clarity Insights' team of experienced insurance data analytics consultants. We know the specific challenges your business faces, because we’ve worked extensively with both property and casualty and life insurance firms. We’ll help you deepen relationships with customers, policyholders and beneficiaries; detect and prevent fraud; and improve your risk management practices using the latest data and analytics technologies.


Risk Management

Advanced analytics, along with telematics and IoT devices offer deep information about your policyholders and their behaviors. Leverage these insights to identify high-risk activities that lead to claims and refine your underwriting process to minimize risk.

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Insurance Fraud Protection

Detect fraud and redundancy by analyzing data across multiple channels. Compare claim information with adjuster notes, police reports or social media posts; and leverage machine learning to identify claims with litigation or subrogation potential.


Customer Engagement

Deepen engagement with your policyholders to increase retention, loyalty and lifetime value. Integrate internal data with external social media insights to form a 360-degree view of customers, and use advanced entity resolution for precise segmentation, targeting and personalization.


Data Warehouse Modernization

Go from data to results at the speed of business by upgrading your enterprise data warehouse. A cloud-based system helps eliminate silos and reduce costs, and a Hadoop-based architecture accelerates data gathering and processing.

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"It is not good enough to just create data, you need to drive actions from data. To be truly good at doing this, you have to master not only mechanics of data handling and predictive modeling but also information ergonomics. You will significantly improve the speed of information consumption and time to action if you share information in the ways your audience naturally digests and acts on information."


— Olaf Larson, Partner

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