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Increasing ad revenue and improving customer experience aren’t just a good strategy, they’re the difference in surviving or thriving.

Separating from the pack

New digital technologies appear at a quickening pace - customer expectations are rising, culture is changing, and the competition is intensifying. The battle is on to win customers’ hearts and minds—and the advertising dollars to influence them. Disruption may be challenging, but with it comes new opportunities. Well-versed in building future-state platforms and leveraging data-driven strategies, analytics and predictive modeling, we address your specific needs: customizing content, personalizing customer journeys, optimizing networks and supply chains and deliver maximum value to your audiences, subscribers and advertisers. Learn more about our three focus solution areas to drive improvements across the full value chain:

Advertising Effectiveness
MDA_g100Modern Data Architecture
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"Communication, media and entertainment companies are looking to evolve the way they leverage data to establish deeper relationships with customers, create new revenue streams and increase competitive advantage. Innovations in big data and advanced analytics leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence are providing the foundation for that evolution."


— Cavan Dunn, Vice President, Services

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Audience Engagement


Omni-Channel Marketing 


Supply Chain Optimization


Modern Data Architecture


Customer Retention


Network Optimization


Communication, media and entertainment trends driving the market:


High content consumption

Additional data sources can provide you better insight into when and where your customers are engaging with, and consuming, content: IoT and wearable sources, connecting to content more often than ever; usage-based sources such as accounts or subscription information; and geospatial sources such as satellites used to gain insight about event attendance.


Introduction of new devices

New wearables and connected devices are constantly being introduced to the market, bringing challenges and opportunities along with them. Seamless experiences are expected, which drive the need for modernized data architectures, personalized cross-channel marketing and strong security and privacy solutions.


Mergers and acquisitions

Finite bandwidth constraints, the high cost of capital, the need for differentiation and a desire for negotiating power against content providers are behind the constant discussion around mergers and acquisitions in the MSO/telecom space.

Knowledge is power (and profit)

Maximize your advertising revenue
Your content and platforms hold great possibilities for your company as well as your advertisers. Tap into that potential and understand the shifting demographics and behaviors of audiences, and identify the channels that are most effective for your advertisers. Then use those insights to create tailored ads and content that enhance personalization and optimize revenue in real-time.

Know your audience
Improve marketing performance when you know when and what to deliver based on systematic audience segmentation; learn personal information, generational viewing habits or device preferences. This type of holistic audience view can help you tailor your content and optimize it for the ideal format, identifying trends and enabling you to deliver relevant timely content that encourages engagement and loyalty.



Future-ready infrastructures

Insights from new sources
There is increased pressure within telco, cable and studios to gain access to advanced insights that are not readily available on traditional assets. This means creating new revenue sources in order to capitalize on the preferences of your audience. With AI, machine learning capabilities and information from digitally-connected audiences, we can help you create content and products that align with audience preferences and needs while strengthening your bottom line.

Preparing for growth
As communication, media and entertainment companies become more and more similar to technology companies, we will continue to see a rise in mergers and acquisitions as they all strive to stay ahead of the game. But as alliances are made and infrastructures change, your existing framework needs to be prepared for efficient data integration, to enable new product development and to support growing digital distribution.



Demands for personalization fuels transformation

AI and machine learning reshape traditional ads into personalized, targeted messages
When and where providers and marketers connect with consumers is changing; audiences are tech-savvy and their choices are driving the industry. Traditional ads still help consumers find new content, but millennials and Gen Zs engage more often with personalized, targeted, contextual messages. Getting a holistic view of your audience will help you shape those messages and deliver them at the right time, all with a seamless cross-device user experience.


What are consumers paying attention to? We help you find out. Watch the video to learn more.

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