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Regulated Industries

Ready to improve safety and efficiency while cutting down equipment failures and downtime?

Thriving in today’s market means your company has to be smarter, safer and way more efficient.

The complexities within regulated industries has historically made it hard to embrace the business advantages of the internet of things, robotics and digitization. But leaders in the industry are getting to market faster, reducing costs, streamlining operations and boosting their competitive advantage by investing in advanced data and analytics to leverage insights which are critical to not just survive, but thrive in today’s world. 

Clarity pairs deep experience in the industrial sector with our expertise in data and analytics, to further our clients' goals in leveraging connected technology to resolve their business challenges. Whatever your questions—improving safety, efficiency and quality; predicting demand, reducing equipment failures and downtime; or generating more for less —the answer could be locked up inside your data, ready to be unleashed.

Who we serve

Clarity's team partners with several types of clients within the oil and gas industry to leverage connected technologies and innovative solutions.
We work with:
+ Exploration & production
+ Land, international and offshore drilling
+ Upstream oil & gas


How we support our vision for our Oil & Gas clients: 


Internet of Things

Sensor data allows you to better understand and manage your business, from machinery to distribution and everything in between. Leverage connected technology to minimize equipment failures, increase efficiency or proactively communicate with your customers about what matters most to them.


Supply Chain Optimization

Work with Clarity to take control of your entire supply chain with real-time, proactive analytics. Track materials throughout the manufacturing process, optimize your delivery networks and find the right mix of suppliers to increase your profit margins and your speed to market.



Digitization is a key driver to improving operations.  From visualizing and optimizing production to improving operational safety, see how our data analytic service can maximize the value of your data assets.


Preventative Maintenance

As rising levels of activity put stress on production equipment, it is essential that operators reduce downtime by moving towards a preventative maintenance model driven by data.

Industry trends that are driving change

Predictive Analytics for Maintenance
Monitor equipment and operations in real time to transform the maintenance model from “repair and replace” to a “predict and prevent” model, as well as reduce the cost of downtime by looking at historical patterns of events that lead to common failures.

Data Management
O&G companies have struggled with managing data gathered from their wells and products which can result in financial impacts. Better master data management and governance can help you reduce regulatory fines due to inaccurate reports, prevent purchases of excess equipment or inventory and increase employee efficiency.

Modernize Data Architecture
O&G tends to be behind the curve when it comes to adoption of modern analytic technologies. As your DW licensing comes up for renewal, there are opportunities to reduce licensing costs while increasing performance, as well as increase speed to market.

Self-Service BI and Mobility
Field workers don't always have access to computers or the ability to learn complex reporting software. But they still need information at their fingertips that is intuitive and action oriented. By enabling more self-service and mobility we can increase employee efficiency and data accuracy as well as adoption and user satisfaction.

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