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Retailers working with us are reaching—and holding onto—the right customers, growing sales and optimizing operations and marketing efforts

Finding value in your data, so you can provide value to your customer

Retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are under enormous pressure. Between the race to get innovative products on the market, increasing profit margins and optimizing supply chains, retailers also have to keep the customer top-of-mind. With smart technology-enabled shoppers, and a competitive market, experience is key. Get your customer to stay loyal amidst the options for free and fast shipping, curbside pickup or mobile shopping with holistic personalized engagement that speaks directly to your customers' preferences, habits and needs.

That data is readily available thanks to social media, and by leveraging mobile and web-based tools, you can take advantage of it when you partner with Clarity. Our expertise using data and analytics results in improved customer experience, optimized operations and marketing efforts and a boost to your bottom line. Learn more about our data analytics consulting solutions for the Retail and CPG industry:


Our capabilities

trade promo analytics
Trade Promotion Analytics
demand forecasting
Demand Forecasting 
Social Consumer Analytics
Food Service Value Chain 


Modernize to stay ahead

Don't just increase capacity; find the right fit

You know when you've outgrown your warehouse technology, but the fix can be daunting with data from different sources that must all be tracked, converted and integrated. We can help you understand the effort of this undertaking, determining program complexity and risk, finding the application of the right fit, and communicating tactical and strategic roadmaps.

Is Teradata is holding you back?

Legacy data platforms are creating losses in productivity due to lags in data speed, lack of access or inadequate sharing. These limitations may be holding you and your team back from the deep analytics performance possible with a more efficient data architecture.

Read our case study to learn more about
Accelerating the Transition to Big Data ›

Three steps to leverage your investment in trade spending


Clarity's trade promotion management process delivers the day-to-day implementation of these practices, gathering historical and real-time data and putting that data to work. Is your team equipped to manage your trade promotion data?


Next, we refine those practices. Clarity uses the findings from data gathered from sources—inventory, sales, competitive data, internal data—to test and adjust, creating best practices to incorporate into the workflow and automate new processes. Are your systems optimized to adapt to seasonal demands and competitive influences, enable retailers to allocate resources effectively, grow sales and maximize your ROI?


Finally, the tactical step is the standard day-to-day execution of trade promotion practices. Integrating POS data with syndicated data to get a complete view of your business is a challenge. Working with Clarity ensures a successful cross-functional integration and analysis allowing a comprehensive view of promotion performance, and informs future investments for long term growth.


Creating effective simplicity with the SAP HANA® platform

Clarity helps clients use SAP HANA® software as a BI platform that unlocks business value faster while keeping IT infrastructure simple.

We achieve this for our clients by bringing a unique BI-focused approach to SAP HANA® analytics that is holistic, driven by data and business needs. We integrate single or multiple SAP ECC® instances and operational systems, alongside large external data sets. 



We provide seamless integration of multiple data sets, avoid data duplication and remove silos, including hot, warm and cold data.

Partner with Clarity to eliminate the need for two data warehouses—one for SAP®data and one EDW for everything else.

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