IoT Sensor Data Identifies Quality Defect Savings of $10M Annually

Clarity's data science architecture and data visualization gave the company the means to create actionable insights.


A competitive advantage and optimal quality

A North American diversified steel producer sought to leverage the Internet of Things to build competitive differentiation by tapping sensor data to achieve faster time-to-market and optimize quality.


Advanced Analytics architecture leveraging IoT

Clarity developed an advanced analytics architecture for a repository to store machine-generated sensor readings, quality test results, and asset maintenance history.

Dashboards visualize sensor data for manufacturing quality metrics.


Quality defect identified and millions saved

Our work identified the root cause of a quality defect that saved $10M annually.

The client improved product quality, reduced risks of its manufacturing plants, and leveraged visualization technologies to help business users streamline day-to-day activities thereby improving performance, productivity, and value.

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