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Using Customer Data to Build Brand

Consumers no longer interact with brands in a linear fashion. However, our marketing frameworks have adapted to this new world.

Instead, you need to look at marketing as a three dimensional space. In this three-dimensional marketing space, you can define the area around your brand as a sphere of influence—not only the touchpoints you control but the ones you don't as well. 

In this white paper we discuss how to define, build and strengthen that sphere of influence using data, analytics ad other tools. 


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Show Your Marketing ROI

Consumer behavior is more complex than ever. That is why marketers not only need to have the right data, but need the tools to interpret behavior changes in real-time and adjust their tactics accordingly. Clarity Insighrs helps Fortune 1000 firms use omni-channel maketing analytics to understand what isn and isn't working in their markting programs,and help improve marketing performance through marketing personalization and improved customer experience.

Omni-Channel Marketing Analytics

Know where you get the most value from your marketing spend across every channel, online or off. Machine learning and powerful analytics generate deep insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and offers, and they highlight ways to optimize your ROI.

Trade Promotion Analytics


Use historical and real-time data to optimize the performance of your trade promotions, enhance relationships with retailers and deepen customer engagement. Adjust promotion efforts to adapt to seasonal demands and competitive influences, grow sales and maximize your ROI.

Audience and Fan Engagement


Engage with consumers more fully to increase retention, loyalty and lifetime value. Integrate your internal data with external insights from social media and other sources to form a truly 360-degree view of your audience. and use machine learning approaches to enable precise segmentation, targeting, and personalization of the audience and fan experience.


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