Satisfaction and the Social Login


Every marketer tries to live by the mantra: “Know thy customer.”

With more buying decisions being influenced by data outside of a company’s direct control, integrating existing social media channel with a companies internal data is fraught with challenges.

Clarity’s Consumer 720 solution helps company’s both traditional and social-media-derived data to identify new consumers, improve segmentation, enhance analysis and boost profitability. In this white paper we load out the business case and technical framework needed to move in this direction.


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Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Partner with Clarity Insights, and take advantage of our retail and CPG expertise with using data and analytics to improve the customer experience, optimize your operations and marketing efforts, and boost your bottom line.

Trade Promotion Analytics

Use historical and real-time data to optimize the performance of your trade promotions, enhance relationships with retailers and deepen customer engagement. Adjust promotion efforts to adapt to seasonal demands and competitive influences, grow sales and maximize your ROI.

Creating Effective Simplicity with the SAP HANA®

Clarity helps clients use SAP HANA® software as a BI platform that unlocks business value faster while keeping IT infrastructure simple.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Analytics

Know where you get the most value from your marketing spend across every channel, online or off. Machine learning and powerful analytics generate deep insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and offers, and they highlight ways to optimize your ROI.

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