An Architect’s Evaluation of Form and Function– the Dimensional Data Model


Don Gooldy presents his expertise in data architecture in his white paper posted on a leading white paper site, Technology Evaluation Centers at technologyevaluation.com. The paper demonstrates an astute appraisal of the union between model form and data warehouse function, emphasizing the architects’ appreciation for the “why” in the application of form rather than the “what”.


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Automated Continuous Integration for Testing and Improvement 

Our engineers create applications that support continuous integration and test-driven development big data solutions. In addition, we customize enterprise-standard frameworks to fit your code management and release processes.

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Our consultants are not only trained and certified in Agile implementation, but we have adapted Agile to the unique nature of big data projects. However, we don’t pigeonhole clients into our methodology. We have a tool which helps clients determine the right implementation for them, and whatever the result (or if you have a preferred implementation methodology—Agile, Waterfall or others) we will work with that.

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We provide industry-leading expertise in Hadoop® platform architecture and initialization, security, and data governance as well as application design and development. Our Hadoop on Wheels framework enables companies to implement Hadoop in a way that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the chaos that comes from not thinking about security or governance issues prior to implementation.


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